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The easy funeral payment solution.

When you lose a loved one, you shouldn’t have to worry about finding the money to pay for everything upfront. With eziFuneralPay you can focus on saying goodbye to your loved one, without having to pay upfront.

We offer a Buy Now Pay Later option that can be used to cover all funeral expenses. Our zero-interest payment plan provides you with the funds you need without the stress. From price comparisons to selecting the right funeral director to emergency funeral payments, eziFuneralPay has a solution that will work for you across Australia.

Get buy now, pay later finance.

From years of listening to families speak of the financial problems and challenges that exist when organising the funeral of a loved one, it became apparent there was a need for a modern solution. In your time of loss, the last thing you need is the worry of how to pay upfront for a loved one’s funeral. That’s why eziFuneralPay is here for you, right at your point of need. Our eziFuneralPay financing option is fast and flexible giving you the ability to help manage unexpected funeral expenses.

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