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Burial & Cremation Services

When planning your own funeral, or when a loved one passes away, there’s a lot to think about and a lot of important decisions to be made. One of those decisions is regarding what happens to the body after the funeral service has been held.


The main choices made by Australians are to bury or to cremate the body. While burial has been the popular choice in the past, in recent years cremation has become an increasing preference.

Research conducted in 2014 showed that two thirds of Australians would prefer to be cremated than buried, while only 20% preferring a burial (14% didn’t have a preference). Reasoning behind this choice has been due to factors such as pricing, circumstances of death, religious doctrine and personal preference.


What is a burial and how does it work?

Burials involve the placing of the body into the ground in a below ground burial or an above ground location such as a vault or crypt.


How to find a burial plot?

A burial site might have already been pre-arranged, but if you are not sure our staff at Chapel Funerals will be able to help you locate and secure a spot.


What is cremation and how does it work?

Cremation is the burning of the body until all that remains become ashes, and takes place within a crematorium.


Religious considerations 

Funeral traditions of different religions may influence the decision as to whether to opt for a burial or a cremation.

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